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About DASC


Dakota Alliance Soccer Club is a 501C3 Soccer Youth Organization that provides opportunities to all boys and girls 3 years old to 19 years of age. It is a result of a merger between the regions oldest and largest soccer clubs - Dakota Gold Soccer Club and Sioux Falls Soccer Association. Sioux Falls Soccer Association successfully launched its “soccer for all” mission in 1981 and has maintained that standard for nearly 3 decades.  Six years later Dakota Gold Soccer Club was created with a focus of providing kids age-appropriate skills training led by professional coaches and the opportunity to compete regionally at the highest possible level. In 2009, the two merged to form Dakota Alliance Soccer Club


Dakota Alliance Soccer Club will strive to be nationally recognized as an advocate and leader in both recreational and competitive youth soccer.


We are dedicated to providing Sioux Falls and surrounding communities fun, quality soccer experiences with opportunities to improve through a variety of developmental programs.


CHARACTER: Demonstrating Integrity

  • Be honest and respectful at all times
  • Show positive sportsmanship at all times
  • Strive to build confidence, leadership and self-esteem

ENJOYMENT: Building a soccer environment that is safe, fun and fair

  • Promote and have fun
  • Build and maintain positive relationships
  • Strive to develop skills and capabilities

LEADERSHIP: Promoting active and productive involvement by all participants in the soccer community

  • Clearly communicate events and activities
  • Actively recruit players, volunteers, coaches and referees and staff
  • Leverage our clubs’ skills, knowledge and experience
  • Secure program development through partnerships and sponsorship

STEWARDSHIP: Responsibly utilizing our resources to benefit our club, partners, sponsors and community

  • Manage financial and other resources wisely
  • Continually evaluate our programs and resources
  • Work with affiliated organizations to achieve shared goals

PASSION: Instilling drive, competitiveness, commitment, perseverance, and a love and understanding for soccer in our staff, volunteers, coaches, players, supporters, and sponsors

  • Expect 100% effort and emotional investment in every duty, responsibility and role
  • Create, model and promote soccer culture in Sioux Falls, surrounding communities, South Dakota and the Midwest
  • Develop expectations and create demands that cultivates personal and group growth