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Advice For New Referees 

Joe Masek
cell: 605-360-1232

New Grade 8 Referees in Class # 12154: Here are instructions for setting yourself up in GameOfficials in order to get assigned games from the DASC assignors.

The group number/access code information applies for each group.

Go to the course website;, login as yourself; follow the steps below to set yourself up in the DASC group.

  1. Login under your current account
  2. Click on "My Assignors"
  3. Click on "(show)" beside the section titled "Join New Group"
  4. Enter the Group Number and Access Code below, then follow the steps presented DASC Game Officials Account: Group Number: 1110 Access Code: 04022011 This will give you an additional "identity" in Game Officials. It will inherit your contact information and ask you to confirm it. You'll be able to see assignments in this Identity once assigned games.

You will now be able to login to the Assignment website; with your same username and password.


Change your Identity to the DASC Identity and set you availability and blockout dates by using the “My Availability” link on the left side of the screen.

  1. Be patient with yourself and with the website. It really does walk you through this pretty well, but it can appear to be confusing
  2. Contact Guy McNeely at or Nicole Hovestad-Bissel at with questions.