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DASC Referee Kit Program

DASC Referee Uniform Kit Program

DASC has a program where they have referee uniform starter kits that the official gets to keep after 10 DASC games worked. The referee starter kits require a $65 deposit, in case the referee fails to work the required number of games. Once the 10 games are worked, the deposit is returned. The 10 games would need to be worked over 2 seasons (Fall and Spring).

Jean Bower at the DASC office administers this program. 

Referee Kits can be picked up at the DASC office during regular business hours any time!!

Shall you have any questions reach out to me via email


  1. Be patient with yourself and with the website. It really does walk you through this pretty well, but it can appear to be confusing
  2. Contact Tyler Soyer 
    cell: 605-521-2166

Helpful Resources

Refer to these referee links:

Tyler Soyer
Referee Director

cell: 605-521-2166